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Megan Kilmer

Megan Kilmer Headshot.jpg

I am a Goal-Getter! I have served the community for the past three years making people’s dreams come true. As a Mental Health Housing Coordinator I have helped people meet their goals of finding and maintaining housing. I’m prepared to help you reach your goals!

You’re in Good Hands! I have training in: negotiations, crisis management, mindfulness meditation and positive phycology. Not only can I help you with some of the most critical decisions, I’m here to watch out for you as a whole person.

I am a Super Hero - move over Wonder Woman! I fight for my clients best interests. I’m on your team and my favorite is winning. I have an intensive sales background working for a local company and increase sales revenue by 17%. I parted ways to stay home with my first kid and go back to school.

Santa Cruz is my home! I care about this place. It’s where I went to school, met my spouse, and had my children. My roots are in this community. I want to help you find your special place to call home.

*Added bonus nerd alert!!! I have lots to share and more to learn:) Ask me a question and I’ll get to the bottom of it.

Megan's Accomplishments:

  • Real Estate Licensee
  • Mental Health Professional
  • B.A. from UCSC in Feminism and Social Justice
  • Mother to Quinc (4yrs) and Jaime (1yr)
  • Volleyball Coach 7th and 8th graders
  • World Traveler - Mexico, Europe, Asia Minor


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